Welcome to Wealth Architects, we specialize in estate planning, financial planning, farm & business succession, investments, insurance, wealth planning and tax reduction strategies. Wealth Architects is an independent financial planning and insurance firm that is there for our clients. We understand that each client's financial situation is unique, and requires a unique financial planning strategy. As an independent financial planning firm we offer objective and unbiased advice. Our financial advisors will assess your needs and match them with the financial products and strategies that fit your situation best.


According to a recent Huffington Post article, "Half of Canadians aged 55 to 64 who don't have an employer pension have less than $3,000 saved up for retirement."
We think that's a disaster waiting to happen, so at WealthArchitects we have a systemized plan of action for you to retire and plan the succession of your estate to make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of.



Are you Ready to Retire and do you have a Estate Plan?


  • Have you recently done a financial checkup?
  • Have you calculated how much money you need per month after you retire to survive?
  • Do you have a recent updated Estate Plan?
  • Do You have Life Insurance?
  • Do you have formalized will?
  • Have you thought of an actual retirement date?

If you're having any problems answering any of these questions then maybe it's time you talk to someone who can help you put all of this into action.


Wealth Architects also specializes in Estate Planning and Farm Succession strategies:

Estate planning is the planned transfer of one's assets to intended beneficiaries while attempting to minimize the tax burden to those beneficiaries. The intricacies of a successful transfer of wealth can be daunting to say the least. Our highly trained, experienced financial advisors have years of experience in estate planning and can help turn this often overlook aspect of your overall financial plan into a solid, forward looking strategy that will provide peace of mind for years to come.

Farm Succession strategies can be more complex than the normal estate planning strategies and require a great deal of expertise and experience. Wealth Architect's experienced financial advisors have helped many Farmers and Ranchers navigate the complex field of farm succession. How to successfully and equitably distribute wealth to all children when one child has taken over the day to day responsibilities of the farm or ranch can be difficult. We have farm succession strategies to handle many possible inheritance scenarios.

Wealth Architects provides great service, client care and financial advice. We have expertise in the following areas: Insurance, Investment Planning, Retirement Strategies, Corporate Tax strategies, and Business Protection. What sets us apart from other independent financial planning firms is our depth of professional knowledge. Our financial planners are post graduates with years of practical experience and the industry designations to go along with that experience.

  • Wealth Planning takes discipline and commitment but the rewards are peace of mind and financial security. To help you with your wealth planning strategies we take time to understand your particular financial situation, (where you are now) and then discuss your ideal financial future (where you want to be). Wealth Architect's financial advisors have helped hundreds of clients formulate realistic and achievable wealth planning goals.

    Like many things in life, planning will take you a long way. At Wealth Architects, we are committed to building solid financial futures with our clients. Our goals is to help you achieve you achieve your goals.

    Developing a plan and sticking to it, is what makes investors successful: just ask Warren Buffett.